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Irene, promenade chien in Amsterdam 1000

Hello, My name is Irene, and I’m a big animal lover. I consider animals as humans and treat them with great care and love. I had many kinds of animals: dogs, cats, rodents (Peruvian guinea pigs, mice, rats, chinchillas), pigs, birds (chickens, ducks, parrots, swallows, crows and birds in general). I have a cat, which I consider my daughter. Do you need someone to walk your dog or take care of your pet at your own home? it's me :)
Giulia, promenade chien - 1000 Amsterdam

Mi chiamo Giulia, ho 19 anni e quello che vedete nella foto profilo è il mio bellissimo cagnolino Marley. Ho una grande passione per gli animali e una gran voglia di prendermi cura di loro. Da piccola ho avuto un gatto, tre coniglietti e l'anno scorso ho adottato un piccolo porcellino d'india, Olmo, che ora ho affidato ad una mia amica. Sono disposta a portarli a spasso, pulire lettiere e gabbiette e coccolarli molto. Per qualsiasi informazione aggiuntiva contattatemi.
Sandy, promeneur chien in Amsterdam 1000

muy divertida y amo los animales.
Alessia, promenade chien - 1000 Amsterdam

Ciao! Sono una ragazza di vent'anni che vive a Mentana. Ho già avuto esperienza ad accudire gli animali, in particolare i cani. A casa
Sara, een gastgezin voor een hond in Amsterdam 1000

My name is Sara, I'm italian and I'm 25 years old. I live in Netherlands since more than one year in a beautiful and big apartment located in Gein. A perfect location 'cuse quiet and close to a small lake. In italy i literally lived sourronded by animals ! Dogs, birds, farm animals and more. I've always taken care of them, especially my pets. I've two dogs one Amstaff and one Cocker Spaniel. Living in contact with animals has led me to start a dog sitting ''career' in Italy that i want ...
Janire, promenade chien in Amsterdam

Hi , my name is Janire , im a Spanish 24 years old.girl living in Amsterdam and working as a aupair . Im looking for a extra job and i think this could be a nice work for me . Im responsible and i love animals.
Alessandra, hondenopvang - 1000 Amsterdam

I have a crazy feeling with animals and they will never miss anything with me in Italy I have five cats that have stayed with my mother to whom I am very fond of since I looked after them and I have a dog here in Holland that I look after only myself. I am a girl who loves animals and since I was little I grew up with them, they make me feel good and just absolutely adorable.
Eline, een gastgezin voor een hond in Amsterdam 1000

Ik houd van dieren!! ik heb zelf ook een hond (die met alle honden goed kan opschieten) dus ik weet wat er bij de goede verzorging van een huisdier komt kijken!
Laura, promenade chien in Amsterdam 1000

Ciao! Piacere, sono Laura, brasiliana e ho 29 anni. Adesso sono in Italia e mi piace molto stare vicino agli animale. Posso offrire cura di loro e molto amore :) Ho avuto un gatto per 17 anni, e tanti altri animale, come uccelli. Ringrazio l'atenzione, Un caro saluto, Laura
Ariyanna, promeneur chien in Amsterdam 1000

My name is Ariyanna, I am 20 years old and I am South African. I have lived in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Shanghai, Beijing, Hilversum, San Diego, and am now living in Amsterdam. I've always had a dog growing up, but since I am now living in Amsterdam as a student it's much more difficult to have my own. I would love to take care of your pet(s) and do whatever you need me to do to ensure their happiness.
Lisa, promenade chien - 1000 Amsterdam

Ik kan erg goed met dieren omgaan heb altijd honden gehad
Lou, een gastgezin voor een hond in Amsterdam

Salut !! Je m’appelle Lou, je suis étudiante. J’ai beaucoup beaucoup de temps libre ce semestre, alors je cherche de quoi occuper mon semestre, et comme j’adore les animaux, pourquoi ne pas faire convenir les deux en même temps ?! Je serais ravie de m’occuper d’eux pendant votre absence, ou si vous en avez besoin de manière générale. J’ai moi même eu pendant plusieurs années un chien. J’ai aussi une petite pelouse chez moi, c’est plus agréable pour accueillir les animaux ! N’hésit...
Patricia, een gastgezin voor een hond - 1000 Amsterdam

Zelf heb ik drie konijnen die ik dagelijks vertroetel. Ik ben echt gek op dieren en geef graag zo veel mogelijk liefde en verzorging.
Carolina, promenade chien in Zaandam 1501

Amo a los animales, tuve 3 perros a los cuales sacaba a pasear, alimentaba y cuidaba. Tengo en Argentina a Jack, mi perro al que extraño con el alma. Creo que los animales nos ayudan a desconectar un poco el estrés del día a día y nos dan amor incondicional.

Hallo ik ben lakeisha en word 9 juni 14 jaar. Ik houd van dieren en doe graag dingen met ze. En zou ook wel graag een zakcentje bij willen verdienen aangezien ik 14 word.

Good Afternoon :) I’m available for help with your pets full time or part time any day of the week. I love animals! I’m very responsable, careful, caring, dinamic, honest and trustful. Will be my pleasure to work with you, any question just let me know. Thanks and have a beautiful week. Blessings ??